Starting a new Fashion line for Small Business: Pros & Cons

FWPP Inc. is an E-commerce superstore located in Hicksville, Long Island.

As a business that offers many products, it is a very exciting time for our employees (and customers!).Whether it is Furniture, Hardware, PPE (Masks for COVID-19), Office & Gaming chairs, each category is keeping FWPP very busy! Take a look for yourself at …

Our E-commerce superstore is up and running, we have a multitude of different employees, and are all so happy to have early success.

Albeit true, at FWPP we embrace new trends and challenges. Although entering different retail markets that are quite saturated sounds daunting, I could not be any more excited to introduce you to our Fashion Line: Check us out at! At the same time, there are many business quagmires and conundrums that we must overcome; what business doesn’t face some hurdles while launching a new product line?

Here are the Pros:

  1. ) First and foremost our Fashion line is absolutely beautiful (biased opinion alert!)

2.) If you are still reading, I am doing my job correctly; and job security is fun also. Please visit to see our fashion line for yourself!

3.) Women’s clothing and handbags let myself and our business get very creative with how we go about our business. I’m not trying to besmirch great furniture or tools, but Fashion is exciting! Especially since we launched our summer fashion line at

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  1. ) It is difficult to gain traction in a well established retail market: Obviously selling clothes and accessories have been around for thousands of years; and in today’s hyper-commercialized age, it is perhaps the most saturated market to sell apparel in EVER. With that being said, if you a great designer, quality products, and fair prices it should work.

That is the caveat I suppose. The awful work “should”. There are many brands like ours that take time to gain brand recognition at the very least let alone result in exorbitant profit margins.

2.) Our logistics need to be better than ever. It is very exciting to have your company roll out a new fashion line; still this presents our small business with another challenge. Competing with the speed of Amazon, Target & Walmart (others of course) without giving ourselves a headache.

It is one thing to beat the competition at your price, our quality and customer service; that is easy! Yet, when it may be faster to buy from one of these mega retailers, it is hard to beat Amazon at logistics. We can certainly keep up with them, but unless someone is ordering a camisole from Hicksville, Long Island Amazon will beat us. Yes, Amazon has a wear-house in Bethpage, Long Island and perhaps they have shipped to our town faster than us on occasion!

3.) “If you can’t beat em, join em” — This old saying couldn’t be more true FWPP 4 Layer Thicker Earloop Disposable Face Masks 50 pcs Pearl White: Health & Personal Care

Yes, until the day that Amazon isn’t profiting more than most small countries combined on a daily basis, we must use their platform. I’d love to say that we don’t use Amazon, but why complain?

4.) Having a bias opinion: As an employee at FWPP Inc., I get very excited every time I see a new product I might like, especially when it is clothing. It is where I work; it is where I eat my lunch, and chat with fellow employees. How can one not become biased at some point? Well, the obvious issue of this is when you are Marketing your company, you must remain objective; it’s hard!

5.) I can’t think of any other, I love FWPP Fashion, check us out at